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About Avenor

At Avenor International High School, we guide our students to find their own strengths, create their own journeys and frame their own futures. Working together - students, teachers and parents - we co-create the best possible future for each student, for each community member, and for all of us together, within and beyond our school.

We are now opening admissions for the last two years of high school
- the sixth form

As a registered Cambridge International School, we rigorously prepare students for Cambridge International Examinations IGSCE and Advanced Level (A Level) success in Languages, Mathematics, Sciences and Humanities. We pride ourselves in being selective. Our curriculum is diverse, with activities both inside and outside the classroom. Students learn about entrepreneurship, leadership, global challenges, community service, sports and arts. Romanian students study Romanian language and literature. At the end of high school, all will be ready to join the best universities in the world and of course in Romania.

We have scholarship programmes for outstanding students who possess a personal portfolio with exceptional academic results and accomplishments in extracurricular activities.

Our Students

Selin Selin Becomes
the Future of Medicine

Selin is the caring young student who wants to be a world-class doctor. She's sociable and helpful, yet focused and ambitious. She has always been curious about everything around her and now has a clear focus. Selin has chosen medicine because it combines the very cutting edge of science with empathy and humanity.

She has chosen Avenor International High School because it brings together passionate teachers and like-minded students. She is preparing for the world's best medical schools that require excellent academic results but also having a well-rounded education and being well-prepared for life.

Tudor Tudor Becomes
the Future of Car Making

Tudor is an enthusiastic student who wants to create the next decades' stunning car designs. It's not going to be just about aesthetics but about design with a capital D. He dreams of cars that are better-looking as well as more energy-efficient and more sustainable and his passion reflects in an eclectic mix of favourite subjects: physics, art and mathematics.

Tudor knows it takes an excellent high school to get into the kind of college that can kick-start his career in car design. He selected Avenor International High School because he trusted everyone there to prepare him for success and found the environment he needed to reach his goals in a fast-changing and ever challenging world.

Vanessa Vanessa Becomes
the Future of Design

Creativity and innovation motivate Vanessa, so she's already decided to pursue a career in art. She is still exploring whether it will be drawing or painting, architecture, interior design or even fashion design. While she does that, she thinks Avenor International High School offers her the perfect platform to blend her passion for mathematics with her love of art.

By studying the human body, fashion design and interior design, Vanessa feels she's getting ready for a career she will enjoy. At the same time, the thoroughness with which her teachers examine her work gives her confidence that she will be perfectly prepared for her exams.

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Testimonial Selin

Asil Ersoydan, Selin's father

The most important change that Avenor International High School had brought upon Selin was to build up her confidence. She frequently mentions how comfortable she feels while talking in public and expressing her opinions. She also says how grateful she is for the environment she is in: all the teachers are willing to help her (even the ones that don't teach in her class) and she gets along with all her classmates. This has made her very cheerful and she goes to school with a lot of pleasure and happiness. I believe that Avenor will produce children who are well rounded, social, confident, successful and most of all, happy.

Testimonial Tudor

Simona Gureșu, Tudor's mother

I have noticed that Tudor enjoys leaving for school and comes home every day pleasantly impressed. In only a few months he blended in, he feels he belongs to this place and is very proud of his school. And I know this was possible thanks to the wonderful people that put all their heat into creating an exceptional framework for learning. I believe that Avenor International High School is the best place for Tudor to evolve and fulfill his professional dreams and also be happy.

Testimonial Vanessa

Adina Voiculescu, Vanessa's mother

My children (Vanessa and Andrei) fit very well within the Avenor profile. They are growing up beautifully and they enjoy going to school so this demonstrates that they are in the right place. At Avenor there are not just words and empty promises. Things actually happen. My children will finish school with practical knowledge - communication skills, making a business plan, building an enterprise - which they will use in their everyday life.